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About Our Cattery

We are a small privately-owned Cattery registered with TICA located in Norlina, North Carolina 27563. Our Cattery is inspected by a Licenses Veterinarian yearly. We are highly recommended by our home Veterinarian Dabney Drive Animal Hospital, and Dr. Conde's Mobile Veterinarian Practice. As well as all of our clients and connected breeders. We have our Outstanding Cattery Program Certificate, and we abide by the Outstanding Cattery CODE OF ETHICS. My name is Andrea Taylor Abel. I am 26 years old. I worked as a teacher in a daycare for 2 years, and I was a Chair-Side Dental Assistant for 4 1/2 years saving up to start my own Cattery because animals are my whole passion. It is a dream come true I absolutely love what I do and take pride in everything about it. 


We are passionate about raising our kittens to be lap cats as we also train our kittens to be comfortable with being held as well. Our program focuses on health, quality, temperament, and socialization of our Bengal kittens. All of our cats are health tested. Our Bengals are raised in our home as family socialized with other people, young kids, other cats, and dogs as we have 4 dogs of our own. Kittens roam freely in our home after being vaccinated at 8 weeks old. Kittens go home between 12-16 weeks old up to date on 1st, and 2nd shots, dewormed, and with 1 round of Revolution topical solution effective for 1 month to prevent heartworm disease, and flea infestations. Our kittens come vet checked, microchipped, spayed & neutered, and a written health guarantee. We send our kittens home with a care package that includes toys including a teething toy, treats, wet food, dry food, a cat printed wet food bowl, a blanket with moms and siblings scents on it, a bed, a kitten printed tote/bag, a cat carrier, and a health record booklet/papers. Our kittens also come with a 1 month free of Trupanion pet insurance, and we provide a lifetime commitment to our clients. We feed our cats and kittens Victor Super Premium Cat Food Hi-Pro Plus Active Cat & Kitten Ocean Fish Recipe For Cats Of All Life Stages Food. 


   We send updates, pictures, and videos weekly at the minimum about your kitten while they are still in our home. We do offer shipping although we prefer pickup so that we are able to meet you in person at pickup. If shipping is necessary, we have a personal USDA Licensed Flight Nanny that kittens fly in cabin with to your closest airport, and a personal certified ground pet transporter that brings the kitten to your home. Fees vary upon location.

Our Cattery is a Closed Cattery for various reasons. We realize that off the bat this could seem sketchy, concerning, or as if we may have something to hide. I want to assure you none of these are the case. We are very easy to work with and get along with and are happy to answer any questions you may have and are always open to do videos and Facetime with our clients of our cats and a walk through of our cattery to relieve any concerns someone may have and if you are interested in some of our reasonings here they are. First and foremost, our cattery/business is physically in our home and this is how we are able to provide our clients with the most socialized and affectionate cats/kittens.  All the while Illness and disease can spread fast and simply be brought in on ones shoes. Which we are able to control the cats we bring in through testing (PCR, screenings, blood tests, exams etc.). We are not able to do this with potential families and their pets. If they have visited a shelter recently or rescue that can also bring in unwanted illness and disease and we aim to keep our cats/kittens healthy by all means and out of harm's way. We also want to keep stress levels extremely low and as little as possible for our pregnant moms and their babies and allowing clients in and out can really be stressful at certain times. We also do not like taking the risk with the many new reports of robbery, threats, staking, murder of cattery, kennels and breeders over various situations for various reasons. Therefore, we make sure to send picture and vidoes updates at the very least once a week. All should know and be aware that not all breeders that are closed catteries are shady or trying to hide something. Reputable and reliable breeders are just trying to keep their families and their cats safe.

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 Information Updated 7/23/2024

 We have a waiting list for our litter born on 7/18/24. We possibly have a litter due around mid September if the breeding took. If it took we have the possibility of Browns, Silvers, Charcoal Browns, and Charcoal Silvers. Our Kittens normally go home between the ages of 12-16 weeks old depending on when they are spayed/neutered etc. 

We are retiring a Silver Female by the name of Asia in November. She gets spayed on November 5th and will be able to go to a new home after she has properly healed. She is very sweet and affectionate and good with other cats and dogs. 

Visit our page Kerr Lake Bengals on Facebook for more pictures of our kittens and our cattery.

What influences the price of a Bengal cat? 

#1: The cats/kitten's traits.

#2: What's included with your cat/kitten.

#3: The level of Breeder care.

Our Bengal kitten's range from $1,800-$2,500.

What you can expect with our kittens:

Vet checked 

1st and 2nd shots


1 round of Revolution topical solution effective for 1 month to prevent heartworm disease, and flea infestations


Spayed or neutered

Written health guarantee

1 month free of Trupanion pet insurance

Our lifetime commitment 

Care package that includes toys including a teething toy, treats, wet food, dry food, a cat printed wet food bowl, a blanket with moms and siblings scents on it, a bed, a kitten printed tote/bag, a cat carrier, and a heath record booklet/papers

Click this link to view the Bengal Cat Price Guide for the US 2022.

Bengal Cat Price Guide & Finding a Bengal Cat for Sale (




Text or call if there is no answer leave a voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible.



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